UFO Sighting in Brossard, Quebec on 2017-05-15 23:40:00 – Lights are invisible to human eyes, but caught in camera

My condo is on 28th floor on the shore of st-lawrence river, on an island, nun’s island. i have a large balcony, facing south. my passion is to photograph sunrise and moonrise. at night of may 15th, 2017, i saw the moon was rising, so i set up a tripod and took a picture towards south shore (brossard). i used speed and 1/4 second. i did not check my pictures at the time until a month later. when i was cleaning up my memory card, i saw this picture that captured a mass strange lighted objects in the sky, which were invisible at all to my eyes at that time. please review the first file attached.

this is not the only time i caught mass lighted objects in my camera. last year, i had them twice, attach files as well.

one event happened in feb, 2016 was rather stranger. that was a clear cold morning, i saw a mass of very strange cloud formed right above the river in only a small portion of the area. so i took a picture(i cannot get back the exact date and time info from my camera). 2 months later, i open up the pictures, and saw a mass flying stuff over the river, champlain bridge area. they were invisible to my eyes neither. (i attach the pictures with/without objects).

last may, a full-moon night, it happened in the same way. attach two images. since it was night shooting, i used long exposure, 10 to 13 seconds. the lighted objects stayed still to me.

in montreal, the city is building a new champlain bridge. construction requires digging into the river. i am thinking: is it possible that there is an ancient civilization site near by, or, something else?

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