UFO Sighting in Richmond, Virginia on 2017-06-17 00:00:00 – Strange object hovered in the sky.

On saturday, june 17th 2017 at around 10:45pm as my husband and i sat out on our porch, i noticed what looked like a meteorite shooting across the sky at 3 separate times a few minutes apart from one another. i thought it was odd for this to happen back to back because i’ve never seen that before but i ignored the thought and continued to talk with my husband. minutes later i noticed an object with bright red and blue lights rise up from behind the house across from ours..I stopped my husband dead in his conversation and said “what in the hell is that!?” my husband looked up and dismissed it as being an airplane at first, until we both noticed that the object stopped in mid air and began hovering above the house across from us.I panicked and ran inside my house. my husband stood out there and was able to get our neighbor a few houses down to come outside and witness what we were witnessing. after about a second or two..I came back outside and just stood there staring at this thing before pulling my cell phone out to record. there was no sound coming from this object it just sat there, i couldnt keep my eyes off the lights as they flashed randomly. after about 5 minutes the object started moving southwest of us and then it was gone. as my husband and i stood out there talking about what we just saw and unsure of what it was we saw,a red orb like object appeared in the sky making quick zig zag maneuvers before zipping north! we couldn’t believe what we had witnessed. it all felt so surreal and i’m not sure what it was we saw that night but whatever we experienced, it was definitely strange.

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