Black Triangle Sighting in Miami, Florida on 1985-07-01 00:00:00 – I was young , facing west on my kitchen steps waiting to see the concord fly by, looking into the north i saw this tiny triangular shaped abject maneuver like nothing i ever saw befor

I was young, fascinated by aircrafts such as the concord and the blackbird, i had the schedule of the concord flying into m.I.A on that afternoon. i was sitting on my kitchen steps facing west bound, my mother was cooking in the kitchen behind me, i was looking up into the ski towards the north of my location , then i saw this little chrome,silver triangle looking craft fly in and just stopped in mid air, then changed it’s flying direction at a great speed , then just stopped in mid air again.Switched directions then stopped again, and finally flying upwards until it disappeared for good. i was confused because i knew even then that our crafts do not stop in mid air in such a way that it appeard to hoover in place. i’m not crazy and i have 20-20 vision since i was born, no one believes me or my story, i know what i saw and i know that in the 80s and even today we (mankind) still don’t have that flying capabilities, to fly in one direction and just stop.I mean a dead stop from a speed of over 100 miles an hour in mid air. we are not alone. i would love to join mufon in finding out the truth behind this event. who knows , maybe i am crazy, but i know what i saw.

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