UFO Sighting in East Wenatchee, Washington on 2017-06-19 21:34:00 – Looking at the sky ready to take pictures of the cluds and observed round disc in the distance between a cloud layer.

I was on the back porch at 9:34 pst looking north in the sky. between the cloud layers i observed a round pinkish red oval. it did not move. i only had a few seconds to take a picture, and it was quite a ways off so it was hard to zoom. the sun was setting to the west, and the moon isn’t full until this saturday. a cloud was moving in front of the object, and when the cloud passed, the object was gone. i saw a cigar shaped ufo when i was an adolescent off the shores of whidbey island washington when the aircraft carrier uss enterprise was passing by. it was directly over the ship. i wish i had more time to observe this object i saw yesterday.

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