UFO Sighting in Heysham, England on 2017-06-19 23:15:00 – Bright seen travelling at hight speed overhead, no sound, no sign of navigation lights.

It was approximately 2315 on a warm summer evenings, it was a cloudless sky, three adults were sat in the garden, enjoying the evening. jupiter could be seen in the night sky towards the sw.

as we looked in that direction we noticed a bright light moving at high speed from west to east. it was impossible to gauge the altitude or size of the light. but no sound could be heard nor did we see any form of navigation lights.

we are used to see planes flying overhead, both at high and low alitude, as we are on a major flight route to and from manchester airport some 60 miles to the south of us.

at no point did the luminosity/brightness change, it remained constant throughout the observation. i checked the magnitude of jupiter…It was-2.6, the object was at least this, maybe even brighter.

the object took around 30 seconds to traverse the sky.

we often see the iss pass overhead.This object was travelling far to fast to be the iss, plus we checked and it was orbiting over the pacific ocean at the time we observed the light.

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