UFO Sighting in Washington, District of Columbia on 2017-04-21 02:30:00 – Just heard the sound, air displacement

1- camping
2- light next sound
3- a man with a flashlight
4- he was camping with a girl, we were in a wilderness of native forest, the camp was located on a sandbank in a river between the city of brumadinho (mg, br) and casa branca (mg, br).
i was awakened at dawn by my companion who reported seeing lights, i reassured her and lay down again, then i heard a sound of movement of air, below the canopy of trees, do not go out to find out, i thought it better to sleep again.
i was sleeping next to the door, i was awakened with a touch, something touched the tent and dragged my finger along the extension of the same, and ended up touching me also from the cinnamon to the thigh, after dragging the finger guy pressed the wall of the tent with his hands, which were tapered, slightly triangular, with three long fingers with a suction cup at the ends, like a frog;
after the touch i heard sounds of footsteps, crackles and shapeless shadows indicating the presence of more than one individual, and with the remoteness of the individual who touched the tent i had the courage to sit down.
i took my machete, woke up my companion, who also saw and heard the shadows, the footsteps and the cracks.
after this the guys moved the backpacks and the zipper of the tent, but without being able to open it because of the double zipper system, after this apparently they ended up going away, we did not go back to sleep, in the morning we dismounted and went camping although as fast as possible
5- fear
6- they are gone

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