UFO Sighting in Bexhill on sea, England on 2013-08-10 19:58:00 – I took a photo out at sea and saw nothing but sea..Until i looked at the photo a few days later…

My daughter had just purchased her first car as she was then learning to drive. she spent ages washing, polishing and dusting the vehicle until we finally went for a drive, with me sitting by her for “tuition”..
after a while we ended up parked up on galley hill view point, which is a lovely small car parking area, right up on top of cliffs over-looking the sea,
it was a lovely evening after a very hot day, and we enjoyed the view out at sea with the sun just starting to set on my right, casting shadows on the left of me… i decided to take a couple of photos,one out at sea and one to the right of me…
there was a strange electric/static feeling in the air which was present right up until we left, i repeat i saw nothing out at sea apart from a whole lot of water.
a few days or weeks later i cannot remember which, i was clearing my photos to free up some memory, and just as i was about to hit delete on the photo i had taken whilst out at galley hill, i looked at the photo again and noticed this weird disc shape which appeared out at sea, i first thought it was something on the windscreen, but remembered that there was nothing on the window screen of the car as my daughter spent ages cleaning it prior to our drive, and it rules the dirty windscreen out as there is a shadow on the left below the disc which proves the disc was out at sea because it cast a shadow on the sea itself!! it’s weird because my eyes didn’t see it!!

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