UFO Sighting in Boscawen, New Hampshire on 2017-06-20 01:30:00 – I’ve been experiencing a super natural evil being who is tormenting & torturing me. i need help to stop his destruction of me where he’s sure that only i am alone to see his wrath so everyone thinks i’m crazy. he targeted me a year and & half ago & is rel

November 2015 i felt an evil, negative, unstoppable force had been placed on me and had no idea what that meant by who until after a year and a half later. i was targeted for destruction by this demonic being who has supernatural powers that he has used against me. this being sits back & watches his game play out that has caused satanic wrath’s in my life and makes sure i am left all alone so i am tormented & tortured to the point where he

it has left me all alone with no possessions, job or any
y of life’s success. when it has taken all it then has tortured me by tapping me all over my body, giving me scabies & not allowing me to recover, itches me, turns the leaves in trees,, bushes, pictures around me, wallpaper & the food i eat into these characters of different faces and last night burnt my skin by scorching these type characters into my skin that caused burning, itching & swelling. when i tried to use this supernatural app to locate it, i believe now he used to mess with it as the attacks came at me with visual of it happening. when i took a torch to defend myself, it had my mother wake up which is unheard of as she is an alcoholic, as she watches my experience with no exception of it’s real meaning and now thinks i’m completely crazy. this being purposely leaves me alone in his destruction and every time i capture my experiences on film, it is sure to make it impossible for me to show anyone the horrific reality of what it is doing to me. it has laid a magical day of healing, songs i believed from an angel so i’m to believe there’s some heavenly purpose i’m involved. then, scanario after scsnerio that it has laid out where it used mind controlling of others, items for that scanerio magically appearing, manipulating technonolgy or anything & anyone it can use as it watches me on the wild goose chase to failure. as that scanerio fails and causes me devastation that it so enjoys, another is laid out to manipulate & deceive me. now, as all avenues of any logic of who & why is tried and proved wrong, there are no other scenarios so i figured it out and who it is and why its doing it. one by one, it targets the human race for it’s evil game of destruction and will never leave that target until it’s victory of being the master of the universe. it’s arrogance.P, selfishness, who, sick demented evilness will do whatever it needs for however long until it’s victim kills themselves and it feels it is victorious. now that it knows i know, it has brought these new tortured & tormenting techniques as weapons for my destruction where no one believes the actual truth of it’s existence and it’s sick games he plays with us. i believe it’s been doing this for a long time here as it protects it’s existence at all costs so it can continue on like he has with no survivors. it needs to be stopped and i will now i have the best part of me left it cannot take in my strength, resilance, bravery and my ability of to stand for myself & all, i have now become it’s unstoppable force i placed on it to show the world of it’s existence and that it is an evil demonic creature with supernatural powers used against us to destroy us one by one.

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