Black Triangle Sighting in Dallas, Texas on 2017-02-07 19:05:00 – Triangle shaped craft no nosie slow moving large red light on each wing tip no project light no blinking light

At about 7;20 pm after attending a meeting at smu i was looking down at the ground on my way to open the car door for my girl friend. i was looking down to keep from triping over tree roots in the dark. for no known reason i stopped and looked straight up in the sky. and saw a very large what i though was a airplane. i pointed it out to my girlfriend and said i had never seen so many lights on a plane. i then realized it wasn’t a plane but a triangle shaped craft going south making no noise and moving slowly. it had a very large red light that did not seem to project any light and was of a dark red color on each wing at the tip of the back of the triangle. in between each red light in ;the middle of the craft was about 10 red, white or blue small lights in no order. several white lights toward the front of the craft and one small white light at the front of the craft. their was a very very faint outline of the craft all the way around the craft or i would not have been able to make out the shape of the craft. there was also a very faint line down the middle of the craft. as the craft moved away from me toward down town dallas i seemed to be able to make out the craft a little better.

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