Black Triangle Sighting in Salisbury, New Brunswick on 2017-06-17 22:17:00 – My dog and i were abducted while we were on a walk

It was around 10:00 and i was getting ready for bed so i had to take my dog for a walk so she could pee. so i took her to the end of the street which is usually where we turn around and go back home, but it started to rain. both of us love the rain so i decided to keep going. we walked about 10 more minutes down to highland park and just sat at picnic for a while, just enjoying the rain. that was when i started feeling this weird sort of fear as if there was some predator watching me from the woods. eventually the fear grew too strong and i got up and speed walked away. from there we went down to the lagoon (a retired sewage pond which had been recently drained) and i decided to walk all the way around it but the fear still went on and getting stronger. i could have sworn something was stalking me. so i just bolted. i ran as fast as i could for as long as i could but being as fat as i am that wasn’t very far. when i stopped to catch my breath i looked around to check for predators and saw nothing, until i looked up.
when i looked up there were two triangular shaped (for lack of a better term) flying machines. they were a dark sort of hazy gray with a faintly glowing red dome on the bottom and three bright white lights coming off of each corner. the two of them circled each other in what appeared to be a very well organised. i stood still and stared at them for approximately 3 minutes (i found watching them very calming) until one of them stopped and suddenly i was engulfed in a white light. i could not see anything and i was frightened out of my whit, but then i suddenly calmed instantly (i want even out of breath anymore and the light went away and by that time both of them were gone.
i thought nothing of it at first and just speed walked home, but when i got home it was 3:17 am (5 hours after i left) from my perspective i thought i had been gone maybe 45 minutes.
the next day while at work i kept getting memory flah’s of being on a platform in and all white room surrounded by tall naked blond people. i also had memory flash’s of of being released from the platform and trying to mingle with the tall naked blond people who i suspect to have been nordic aliens and they all looked like they were scared of me and one of there hands glowed blue and slapped me in the face. for now that’s all i remember but every second day or so i get another memory flash.

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