‘Fleet’ of UFOs Reported Over Carabobo, Venezuela

'Fleet' of UFOs Reported Over Carabobo, Venezuela 6-19-17
Drawing by Franco Di Marco

     Franco Di Marco and his brother, employees of his machine shop were startled in witnessing more than 9 Unidentified Flying Objects over the skies of the state Carabobo , a region in North Central Venezuela.
By Héctor Escalante
The UFO Chronicles

The incident occurred on June 19 at 08:03 in the morning, Di Marco told journalist Héctor Escalante during a telephone conversation. The UFOs were seen from the Bolivar Avenue at the Carabobean capital, but the witness estimated that they may have been several kilometers ahead, towards Puerto Cabello.

He pointed out that his brother outside, “smoking a cigarette,” when he inadvertently spotted the strange objects in the sky. “He started screaming to come and see, and we all went out because we did not know what was happening,” he explained.

According to him, “there were about nine objects, perhaps more, with round lights of very bright white color”. He indicated that they were not all together, since a cloud separated them: On the one hand, there was a group forming a “sort of triangle”, and in the end, another smaller group “stayed in alignment”. Of the seven people who witnessed the unusual event, “no one took pictures because of the excitement of the moment,” he said.

He said that the UFOs, whose size – in the distance – resembled that of a small light bulb, remained a little more than two minutes suspended in the air, at high altitude, “until one of them made a right angle turn and disappeared.” The rest of the objects seem to have followed the other, he argued, because they quickly lost sight of them. The description provided by the other witnesses , which can be seen in drawing by them, realize that the objects were not kept static.

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