UFO Sighting in British Columbia on 2016-11-22 01:45:00 – I saw a bright light in the sky then i saw more than one light but on the same object it got closer to me and started to descend and hovered aboveboard the ground until it flew off

My friend and i decided we’d go out into the nearby forest at around 6pm for a couple of beers and to relax. we arrived at around 6:20, and 20 minutes later we heard a buzz/whirring sound. we assumed it was just a helicopter or airplane at first and ignored it. it went on for a suspiciously long time before we saw a couple of red-ish lights appear nearby. this is really perculiar and we decided to see what it was. we walked for around 5 minutes trying to see it but it was constantly moving. we predicted someone else was out with a drone, as it seemed too low and small to be anything similar to a plane or helicopter. after hunting for it, we managed to catch a few glimpses of it between trees or above us. it was a black and chrome disc-shaped air craft with red/orange exterior lights. we hadn’t seen anything like it before so we had no idea what to assume. it seemed larger than a basketball, maybe car sized?? but we can’t say for sure as it was hard to get a good look. we’re certain we saw it hover above the treetops for a couple of seconds before zooming off again. that’s when we lost sight of it. we could see where it went and after 10-15 minutes of searching we still had no luck. we were and still are very confused and slightly concerned as we have no idea what it was. the area where it hovered seemed discoloured, burned, and look exposed to radiation. we went home and saw that, after about an hour, a black helicopter came and flew over the exact area. that was all that happened.

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