UFO Sighting in Columbia, Missouri on 2016-11-16 06:31:00 – I was looking south at the stars when one that was stationary shoots off towards the east and dissapears.

I was looking at the stars in the south and admiring them per usual when i notice one that’s a bit brighter, it seems as if it knew i took interest because as soon as i focus my attention to it the thing flies off. when it did though i believe i saw it change directions, but it was traveling very fast. at first i believed it to be a bit of a glare in my glasses but when it started moving i knew it wasn’t. when it flew off it went from stationary to a very fast speed almost instantaneously from what i could discern it looked to be either spherical or disc/saucer shaped. after it happened i just stood there, almost unable to wrap my mind around what i’d just seen, just to check and make sure i was sane i looked at where it had been sitting, and sure enough it was gone. i lost sight of the object when it flew over some trees.

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