UFO Sighting in Corvallis, Oregon on 2017-06-22 21:45:00 – Stationary light, pulsating in non-rhythmic pattern with spontaneous bursts of red color. height and length of time did not suggest drone. witnessed for at least 20 min.

Siting began about 9:45 pm on 6/22/17 in corvallis or. saw a flickering light in the sky that could easily be mistaken for a star. lots of stars out, clear night, clearly not behaving the same. the light pulsed and flickered in a non-rhythmic manner with infrequent flashes of color-especially red and pink. it seemed to high to be a drone and was stationary for at least 20 minutes. there were times that it seemed to perhaps shift slightly, but it is unclear if that was just a perceptual distortion. there were other times i thought i saw faint lights moving either toward or away from the object. these happened very fast/fleeting. again, because of this, hard to say if this was some kind of illusion or distortion? at another point, i felt as if i could “sense” or see a larger object connected to the light, again, not sure if an illusion. i actually felt a bit scared at times during the event, despite the fact that i have always wanted to see a ufo. at one point, i got a mental image of aliens that was kind of menacing. my mental image showed them with bad intent.

the attached video is 30 seconds of a 2 min. clip. i took 3 other videos, all fairly similar, one of the others i use to show perspective and a nearby bright star, etc.Also, the movement in the video is from the moving of the phone. the object was not moving-stationary.

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