UFO Sighting in Moorpark, California on 2017-06-25 11:24:00 – Cloak failed, i saw “usaf 003” on the tail stab, white paint on black metal or paint. orb.

Sitting in drive thru line, just appeared in my sight line, looking right at it, my eyes hurt to look at it, it is using some kind of neural confusion it was like trying to look at a needle coming at your eye. it gave off some type of electrical interference, and seemed to rotate radially even though it was stationary. it looked big enough to hold one or two people. i could see very clearly on the tail stabilizer usaf 003 in white paint, there were bright silver fixtures and they had solid beacon lights that were white.The tail moved independent of the fuselage, there was a cockpit windscreen/canopy, it was non reflective silver material, that had very odd indentation, it looked like a cookie sheet with a larger section around it to extend it, like a top hat. the electrical interference seemed to pick up, it disturbed another one just like it in formation next to it and i could see an illusion effect and then nothing as the cloak reengaged and they were gone. there was an inaudible pulse like concussion as well i said “holy shit” and it went over the microphone to the drive thru guy and he said “hold on” and it definitely changed the electromagnetism around us something felt off, the air was empty. it felt like a rug had been pulled out from underneath the air, it’s hard to explain.

they were about 400 feet above the 118 overpass in moorpark california, i swear by this statement and its truth. the metal looked old, and was matte like, it did not pick up light like high gloss paint. i’ve been going through books since i came home. it’s good to know it’s us that has this stuff.

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