Alien Encounter in Chicago neighborhood of b, Illinois on 2010-06-15 00:00:00 – Contact with an un-human entity, uninvited in my bedroom.

I was contacted in person by a non-human entity, in my bedroom-uninvited. i suppose i should start off with saying i’m very mentally stable with no visual or auditory hallucinations. i recently stopped pursuing medicine, and have a strong background in physics, chemistry and neuroscience. i am not attempting to fabricate a story. there is a slight chance that i somehow did hallucinate, but i have no history of this type of thing occurring. let’s begin. it was during the day. i was sleeping in my room, and it was so bright inside. my room was the old master bedroom to a historical colonial house at the address listed. my family had added an addition and also a 4th floor-finished the basement. what was strange to me was the actual nature of why the previous family left. it was abnormal. their contract for their new house fell through, and there were many kids. my parents had offered to let them stay in the house, but they did not want to. my parents offered to let them stay for free, for a while until they got on their feet. they left within a couple days. we even offered them to stay at one of our apartment buildings that we owned, but they didn’t seem to want anything to do with us. last off-shoot… when we started the addition power lines and metal piping that couldn’t be explained extended into the field/modernized golf course that was part of our back yard. there was something odd about it that the builders couldn’t explain, maybe a shelter from the war. we burried the lines and continued. the home had 6 skylights on the 4th floor. probably abnormal to see from the sky. bright, and the interior was beautiful, the museum house i called it. we put in 1,000,000, and someone once offered us 2,000,000 but we turned it down. the place, in this case, is somehow significant. i had a few encounters, but the one i’m reporting is something i think about, often when alone, every night. i still sleep with lights on, years later. to the real story.. sorry. mid day, about 3:00pm, my bedroom was the old master, just atop the stair landing on the 2nd floor, the 1st floor has a landing and the front door. my door is open, and my body is in the bed close to the door. if i looked left, i’d see the stairs going down. it appears as though my balcony door is open as well, and the screen door is closed. perhaps just the shades were pulled up, because the brightness of the day is illuminating my room. i recall waking up on my back. i looked up at the white ceiling and remember feeling so unnatural.. it felt like i woke up abruptly, yet i was calm, a very meditative person who connects with the peace in energy and silence. i looked at the ceiling paint. i recall seeing the white of it, and as my eyes were locked on the ceiling, what appeared to be something dark, like a blackness was off the left of the foot of the bed. i jerked my neck to look that way and saw what i call “him”. i pushed the covers off some and pulled my knees closer to me out of protection, a natural reflex i am remembering. the shock in my chest may have gown down for a second, after the first stir, you get your senses. my back is pressed against the headboard of my big bed. i’m thinking it’s my dad or brother. so i keep looking for some seconds, enough to recall the details. tall. faceless, a mouth, but there seemed to maybe be a low profile lip structure. he would have looked just like a tall human, a bigger head, but what i was trying to see was why there weren’t any eyes. there 100 percent was not a nose. i actually can’t recall the color of the skin exactly. i remember thinking is was white, but the only illumination in the room was the window and that screen door, maybe some light scatter in from teh hallway. he could have had a blue/grey tinge to his skin. what makes me feel better and safe about all of this was that he appeared to be respecting me…. this is probably stupid and his culture would be different, but he was giving me space. he wasn’t too close. but he certainly wasn’t far enough either.. i’d say he was a bit closer than the foot of my bed. i remember reporting this to one other ufo agency this week, and i also said closer than the foot of the bed.. but the thing is, i was able to swing my legs off the left of the bed when i knew it was time to escape. so maybe he was 8 and 1/2 feet away or closer. he just stood still. without the facial senses that humans have, i can only assume he was gathering sensory info off me from other senses we don’t understand. he was very poised, and like i say, almost respectful because he wasn’t encroaching me besides being in my room when i was home alone. i recall making sure it wasn’t a mask or something by really looking at the flesh. it wasn’t my brother, it wasn’t my dad. no one was home. i suppose it took me 15 seconds or less to evacuate the home since i’m also extremely tall, 6’6″. i dropped my feet, down the stairs with one or two steps to the stairs, ran down them and out the front door. i wonder if i was able to escape because i was fast, or if he let me. maybe he was just visiting. maybe he was returning me. the feeling of safeness in my chest came back a little bit as i screamed and ran to the street, partially nude. people were already upset to see me in that state, neighbors etc. so i felt safe. this probably isn’t going to do the credibility of my story very well, but he was wearing a black suit. black jacket, black pants. maybe a white shirt. this in combination with his size, being maybe as tall as me was disturbing. i never was into ufo’s or really cared. i understand the theoretical of quantum and like to play around with new equations. always so scientific in my entire life, very stable, until i came to buddhism. this is when i started to believe in the grey area between physics and perhaps forces of the universe we can’t measure or see through or limited 5 senses. in a quantum/physics/chemistry kind of way, it is maybe possible for travel of these non-humans. if going faster than light is back in time, perhaps this was a future evolved being. i have thought about this a lot lately, i’m sure we all do. the only other thing that kinda worried me is that not at the time, i don’t think, but lately… i have these scars and circles on my body. multiple doctors including a very high ranking female looked at it. they told me they didn’t know what they were and didn’t want to do a biopsy because it had been healed over by the time i brought it up. they look like dots, kinda small.. probably a bit smaller than a pea. half that. they appear out of nowhere, and due to the relative big size for something you didnt’ feel grow.. its weird. they heal with this white/tranlusent sort of skin. i’ve experienced them on my arm/leg/abdomen from what i remember and maybe more from what i haven’t seen. they don’t actually hurt. it’s like they’re already healing/healed when i notice them but even for being small, i just get a little worried.. especially when my doctor said she didn’t know or her superior. those probably really aren’t anything. the only thing i want out of this is not for this to be posted, but let’s be honest, i really hope it was a hallucination. i’ve never had a hallucination before.. i really don’t ever see things. can you please let me know if you’ve personally seen the description in any files about a faceless, tall being without eyes. that’s probably the main detail that i’d like some closure on. if there’s no one who’s ever seen that before, then maybe i was waking up and somehow hallucinated…. but the timeline was me waking up… examining and then going outside naked. all of that was seen by old neighobors/etc.. so i cant’ say it was a dream. hopefully it was a one-off, young guy having a weird visual perception issue… but i don’t think so at this point. what really got me going on opening this back up was a recent encounter my friend had with what she says was something i’m not reporting for her.. but i thought hey, if there are ufo’s, then maybe the contact i had wasn’t a hallucination. maybe it was real, and he did let me peacefully escape. maybe he was just trying to connect with a being on this planet and for some weird reason i was it. i think i could have ruined it because i ran away.. i tell myself next time, i’d rather take death and my chances of a couple more minutes of contact. if he was violent, i think i would not be here. the other encounters in the house were less than a couple moments, so i don’t want to really substantiate them beyond being a scared kid growing up.. but the other entity was female. i recall seeing a female entity in the house by the landing on the first floor as i decended one day. she too, did not go away the longer i looked. she appeared more human, i would say, and was actually playing with her hair. this was another time i left the house. the male incident was the most visceral because the energy i was reading was very violent. to have a tall, faceless one stand at the side of your bed as you abruptly wakeup from what felt like a peaceful sleep to a strange feeling. seeing something. examining it, the details of the flesh, and unmoving nature of the man. what did he want? please let me know if there’s any other tall faceless ones… from the research i’ve been doing this past 2 weeks (first time very learning about contact types and ufo’s), it seems like most sightings are small.. and from my medicine background being small is actually a sign of evolution of advanced species (5.8 is ideal for man) not my size, so i’m wondering…. if this tall creature was real.. how is it that it would have been 1.) energy efficient to send him, if that species has height variation like humans, and 2.) why was he wearing what looked like human clothes. i sometimes look at pop culture and laugh thinking about all that slender man nonsense. i never encountered that type of a being in 2010. that kind of monster photoshop stuff simply wasn’t around. i never saw something like it, so i don’t see how my body… even if it was a hallucination, would create something like that. say it was a temporary mental issue, what would bring together characteristics of a being standing and sensing me with what i perceived as such evil energy. even in 2008-2010 (the timeframe this culd have happened), i was so peaceful and didn’t believe in angels or deamons. i had released god and took to the sciences, later got into the energy philosophies of buddhism and hinduism. i wasn’t a kid fantasizing about that kind of faceless/being stuff. it was so not organic to my fledgling teenhood. i think i was 17 when this happened. i’m 24 now. since i began researching and sent in a report… maybe its just the paranoia *whcich i also never have, but the street lights by my house and also only the lights in my room seem to be flickering with this variation i’ve never seen before. i also was overtaken by this extremely noisy energy the other day. i tested it so many times, walking out of my room, and then into other rooms. it was almost a mechanical buzzing in my room only. if there was contact before, i wonder if i’ll be contacted again. i should probably put the ear ringing and the loud energy in my room the other night to rest. paranoia can do some tricks on your senses.. but these are legitimate thing that all happened, and i feel like giving the evidence here is enough for someone to contact me, and let me know if there’s every been faceless, no eyes/sensing creatures that have contacted other people. can someone just give me a few details. if we setup a call, i don’t answer unknown numbers. i’d have to be reached at [email protected], if i don’t respond there i can be called at 708.983.9527. the only real video evidence i have is just the lights flickering but the even had passed by then and it’s pretty bad evidence in comparison to what i’m mentioning… oh yes. a bonus. never though ufo’s or 3rd contact were legit.. however, my friend is also so stable and real. we’re south side of chicago people and this isn’t something we do often.. we’re new to this. anyways.. her and her boyfriend were in the water and they claim to have seen an actual craft that moved silently and infinite speed over them, with three glowing lights as she says, and then sped away. i told her she was crazy, but she was shook.. and this is a real tough girl from the south side of chicago. she doesn’t believe in this kinda stuff and neither do i, but when something happens and there’s no one else to report it to. i suppose that’s why i’m contact you. just to get closure on others who’ve had it happen. i don’t care too much about the ufo stuff… i’ve been watching a lot of videos lately and it makes me connect the ufos with my contact.. but again. just want to know if there’s characteristics similar to my account in your records.

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