UFO Sighting in Oberursel, Hesse on 2016-06-26 00:00:00 – 40-50 objects flying in formation while individually changing direction. happened in germany while germany was playing in the soccer euro tournament, so everyone was inside

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i was in my back yard, i looked up and saw this formation coming from the southwest and heading northeast. there were many objects in this formation. they flew as a unit but were changing direction and changing places at a speed that would make it impossible to be a plane or helicopter. i was close enough to see that they were neither. they were going with intent and thus not balloons either. best guess was 40-50 objects. it never occurred to me until now that i could report this. i googled the next day but found nothing. the entire country was watching soccer that day. i had/have no idea what it was, i had no feelings other that being curious and perplexed. lost sight of it as it moved too far away.

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