UFO Sighting in Oshawa, Ontario on 2017-06-24 03:01:00 – I have video when i pause zoom and screen shot i got 3 shapes bell rectangle and triangle

Able to point me in direction to someone that can help me with what i seen on friday noght past over oshawa where theres been reported in the news on sightings in past weeks with pics if you go to durhamregion.Com site its there i have taken video of what i seen and its spinning changing colour rapidly in one spot never did move just faded out over oshawa about cloud level for a hour i just seen bright light w eye i didnt realize until i got home and zoomed and omg i took to police and they laughed said no such thing i took 3 zoomed screenshots of it and got 3 different shapes 1 triangle 2 rectangle 3 almost bell shaped this is no hoax im just a normal guy who was riding my harley on 407 from dvp to oshawa and watched it the whole time thinking it was police helicopter but after almost 40 min of it not moving i decided to pull over and record on my phone for 5 min got it fading im and out then just not comimg back i m just lost on it atm
today june 25 i took video to drps (police oshawa ) they just laughed at me said its a drone saying no such thing as ufo i offered to puase video and zoom then screenshot and they just laughed so i just walked out
they wouldnt even take a report

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