UFO Sighting in New York, New York on 2017-06-26 02:15:00 – Two separate stationary lights slowly became very bright and then dimmed to black. however, my camera caught much more!

This is amazing.

i’ve been an avid photography for several years and am fond of shooting the milky way, comets, and meteor showers. i’ve gotten great quality pictures of these in the past. it takes a lot of practice to get the proper exposure, aperture, and iso settings correct to produce a clear and good quality image of the night sky. after several years of practice, i’m getting proficient.

what i saw two nights ago, and what i inadvertently photographed was not a star, meteor, airplane, helicopter, or a comet. at around 2:15 a.M. eastern time, i was taking 20 second exposure pics (using a tripod obviously). while the exposure was being done, i had 20 seconds to scan the sky for anything interesting for my next shot. well, during one exposure i caught someone out of the corner of my eye. they were two lights that resembled brighter stars but weren’t “twinkling’ like stars do. these two lights were a few degrees apart, one above the other and were white colored and stationary. my attention was drawn to them because instinctually i knew they didn’t belong there…..After all i had just aimed my camera in that exact direction and they weren’t there 30 seconds before. suddenly both lights became brighter and brighter to the point where they were easily the brightest objects in the night sky. a few seconds later, they dimmed slowly to the point where after a few seconds….They were invisible. the whole incident lasted around 10 seconds. shocked and extremely interested, i zoomed my wide angle lens in as far as it would go…..Which isn’t much (24mm) and i attempted to take a couple more pics.

my first thoughts were “holy sh*t, i just saw my first true ufo”. i’ve always had interest in ufo’s and my personal opinion is that through simple mathematical reasoning, there must be not only life on other planets, but copious amounts of intelligent life all over the universe. life that has technology far more advanced than we could even imagine.

anyway, still reeling from the experience, i proceeded to take many more shots of the sky then went home. as i was driving home, i was hoping to myself that i got a picture of these two stationary lights. after all, the wide angle lens was pointed in the general direction of the strange lights.

nothing could prepare me for what i saw when i uploaded my pictures to my imac……I got you! not only did i get a great shot of the lights, but my camera picked up what my eyes didn’t (because i was looking away during the exposure). my camera caught movement! the entire time i saw these two lights, they were stationary, but the camera caught them “arriving”. the photo speaks for itself.

all i have to say is, what the hell is it? and is it one craft with two lights or two crafts each lit up?

~ralph d.

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