Alien Encounter in Los Angeles, California on 2017-06-27 11:00:00 – Another report. harassment continues.

Hi i’m writing this report because i am starting to be harassed again. i know that this guy which is the dragon reptile creature is still harassing me and i really need this to stop. i am being prevented from working now, have not been able to work my delivery job because its hacked, music hacked, and now i’m being harassed thru mercury and freeway insurance. i have been told by the dragon reptile or whichever, that everything is controlled by them and our money, etc. well i believe he is in control of these insurance companies and he is doing a lot to harass me. i first started with mercury paying only 75$ and he did something to make it raised up to 86$. when i wanted to cancel my insurance the woman put me on hold for 10 mins, it was really suspicious and she wouldn’t lower it back. my insurance was raised unjustly for no reason at all. when i spoke to the woman and said i was cancelling, i could hear him in the background making sighing noises and really annoyed sounds like he was annoyed. he was super angry i guess. i believe he wants this money so he can gamble. i said i was going to cancel and then i went to freeway and tried to get insurance there but the woman acted really suspicious and kept getting on the phone with him and talking in like a code language basically saying “ok””ok its done” etc. i was in there for about 3 hours because she kept going to the back whispering with someone and there was also another woman there which i had recognized from the craft when i was abducted and she had an angry face and i could hear her talking about me. so i cancelled the policy within 24 hours and i am now being harassed and told i owe money even though another part of the department says i owe nothing. this man named chris keeps on calling me every single day leaving me messages. he calls me 3x a day and its gotten to be harassment now. when i canceled with freeway in person they said i didn’t have to pay anything and everything was cancelled and i have a paper with a final bill of 0$ is owed. this really angering me and my mom. ok, so now to the part about this encounter. well the other day i was at the beach minding my own business and this homeless man came up to me. he asked if he could sit with me and basically just forced himself to sit there and i think he could tell i wasn’t comfortable but he didn’t care. he had a backpack and his skin was very sunburned and he had a cut on his leg and his hair was messy. i told him that i am 17 and a half so that he leaves me alone but he still insisted to sit there and we had normal conversation at first but then he started to begin to talk sexually to me. he said his name was chris , he came here all the way from ohio. he said that he didn’t know anyone here and he was living on the beach and sleeps there at night. he said he gets free food that people leave and food places, etc. he said he cant decide if he wants to stay here or not. he pretty much forced himself close to me and onto my blanket he said he wanted a blanket to lay on and i never said he could even lay on my blanket. i felt super uncomfortable. he began sticking his hands in and out of his pants at times cause he began slowly asking me sexual questions and i told him i didn’t feel comfortable talking about these things but he insisted. i told him that i have only been with a man before named john and we did things or whichever but i guess he wanted to ask me sexual questions to maybe try to get with me. i told him that i am not interested in sex without marriage and the things hes told me about himself i wasn’t interested. he said he met pornstars out here and has slept with pornstars and mentioned he has had a lot of sex. he said he met crackhead girls only and this and that. it seemed to me that maybe he wanted to get out of that life and wants to change but maybe doesn’t know how. he said he gets drunk everyday and smokes. i told him i don’t associate with anyone who does drugs and i don’t do drugs at all i never done that kind of stuff. he said he was drunk and high and i think that might have added to why he came over to me like that. he just came out of nowhere. i felt my time at the beach to relax was ruined. i don’t know where he comes from in ohio but i think that he might be having a midlife crisis or a mental breakdown/come of medication and needs his family involved to help him or needs some kind of help service. i was friendly because, its not my nature to just shoo someone away but when he began talking sexual i didn’t want to talk anymore and told him i had to go. he then screamed to me that he would like to do sexual things and it made me uncomfortable. people were also staring when he sat next to me on the blanket uninvited. he mentioned that he wants to be the main head of the fbi one day. he also had a backpack and then he let out a ton of these bugs that were black and red with dots all came out of his backpack and were crawling on my stuff i had to get rid of all of them. i think he did that on purpose. he had greenish eyes and blondish type hair and was tall. i also had an experience with a homeless man named michael who i helped to get food who ended up touching me inappropriately dug into my pants in the library parking lot but i had stopped him. he wreeked of alcohol a little bit too. i am a helpful person, but i am not interested in being touched or having sex and didn’t appreciate it. i believe that this michael shapeshifted into the chris and this is the same person involved. i did notice that for a while my clothes in my drawers were smelling stale as though someone who was not clean had tried them on. it really upsets me and makes me uncomfortable. i have no way to completely file a report on someone who is shapeshifting but i am soon going to have no choice but to go to the fbi if this continues. it has gotten way to out of control and out of hand. he also mentioned how some bugs are poisonious and deadly. he was asking me if i ever fought and told me how people were violent. just many random questions. i am afraid that this man could possibly be dangerous and maybe have delusions and be off his medication or something. i just hope that he gets help, but i cant be the one to help him . i give people a chance always anyone and everyone if they need help, but once they do stuff like the way he let bugs out of his bag , i no longer will help. i no longer feel safe anywhere due to all of this. i was getting covert threats for filing the report about the rape sitation before and i am concerned for my safety and the safety of my family and no one should have to live like this. i need this chris or michael or whatever, to understand that i am not able to help them and i don’t help anyone who tries to hurt me. i do not like people who are jealous and do little petty things like this. i am so fed up with the pettiness. everything was fine until this monster got into the picture. also, when i called freeway insurance the other day to speak to someone about the situation , the woman who had a texas accent, put me on hold and then i was put onto the phone with i believe the dragon reptile. he was speaking some kind of language, i couldn’t understand him of course, but i knew it was alien speak i believe. it is very hard to explain how it sounds but it was like he was yelling at me trying to tell me something and whenever i asked him what he was trying to say then he would speak again. i just hung up the phone because i didn’t feel like playing games. this happened a few other times as well , where he has gotten on the phone and spoke to me. the dragon reptile or reptile whichever had told me that i am not allowed to work, not allowed to do anything pretty much, he said he is very possessive over me and not going to let me life my life. he says he cant stand anyone speaking to me other than him and it makes him go crazy. he said he was sorry about his possessiveness but i told him that it wasn’t right and he needed to stop it and he said “i know, i know” but this has just gotten too out of control. i think he is trying to take my money thru the freeway insurance so he can take it to gamble. i had mentioned before in my other reports about how he showed me he was the meghan girl, and some other people who ive met, they always have blue or green eyes. the megan girl has no information or records online, and she is getting tons of money thru gofund me and using it on herself and to gamble and gambling with disability money and i have heard this from others. this is havoc being put onto me and many others! but its going on me the worst i suppose. i cant even leave my house without being followed every single place i go. and these people will appear out of nowhere. i believe that this dragon reptile wants every little penny he can get out of me so he can gamble. he has messed with my records, my health records have been withheld, and prevented a job for years. when i look back this all started with this bubba clam guy, whos real name was stuart lessig. he was in the military and joined the marines. we dated when i was only 17 and he wa 22 but he became really verbally abusive and he was cheating on me infront of my face. we had a bad breakup and at the end i got so fed up with him yelling at me and how he treated me so i yelled back and said he was a jerk and stupid , i told him the marines was stupid cause wars are dumb and that’s all i said to him. he took a fake facebook demon page and began calling me nigger and saying he was going to make my life hell, etc. i blocked him. after that i guess maybe he got high up in his military or whichever but has always had a vendetta against me. he is an abuser, stalker and vindictive. i believe he is shapeshifting into all these people. about a year after the breakup the abductions began. one of my many abductions, was one where i was in my car at night about to get out of my car. a lizard creature ran up the side of me, he spoke and said “got you” and flashed some light and i was taken somewhere else to the spacecraft or whichever. his voice was exactly like stuart lessig and he was being very very evil and the abductions became super evil. the times before when i was taken as a child/preteen etc, everyone was really nice to me, caring and would never yell at me or treat me bad. the reason i remember these bad abductions now is because the way i was screamed and yelled at by him. his hands are like 3 fingers, the skin is like a lizard and other lizard like features. i fear for anyone else taken by him that has to suffer the ptsd i suffer now from all of this. he uses military equipment against me. i feel i will never even be able to live my life without having to watch over my shoulder and i cant even live to my full potential because of his jealousy. i cant even get a job doing what i love which is helping people, because he has prevented that and will pay whoever to stop me from working or pay whoever to follow me harass me each day. the other day i had a military plane fly super low by my house. he always does stuff in a way to try to make me feel like i should be scared. he has done something to the telephone wires were they make a crackling noise and has done many other things to my house. if i go to a hotel even with my family, water will start dripping from the ceiling out of nowhere. stuart lessig was an adderall/speed addict and still is i believe, cause meghan also was too as well and i had let them know that i am totally against that and i will not associate with anyone who uses drugs. i have been told that there is jealousy towards me because the things i have or whichever, but he can have them to if he did the right things in his life and treatd people right. he wont try to make right of his wrongs and stop harassing me and slandering me. i no longer speak to anyone anymore due to this and i know it escalated and that is why the beach situation has happened because he is so obsessed with me. how does someone handle a stalker from a different planet who shapeshifts? i haven’t had any problems with any other extraterrestials, but this one man. he has to stop this. i am begging you guys if you could please make this stop. i am trying my hardest to not go public with this situation but i am really two steps away from having no choice. i now cant even get food because he has hacked my delivery job so i cant even get any deliveries. everywhere i go he is there, dressed as someone else. i know that there are good extraterrestials out there and they are trying to help mankind, but this man he is causing absolute destruction and pain for people and especially me. i have tried hard to help him change his mindset, learn to love and to not hate but he will not and he is hurting people. we need peace amongst the world, the universe and love all around. the hate he has for human races and other alien races needs to stop. we all need to love each other, humans and aliens, animals, nature, everything. i know deep down that this guy just really needs some help but hes not going to get help by hurting people is the problem. god will not relay messages to those who have jealousy, envy, or any hate in their heart. i am always happy and smiling because i do not hold any of these feelings and i feel love. this is my last effort to ask if there is some way you guys can relay a message to make this stop before i have to go to the fbi. i really don’t want to have to file a report with them but i am soon going to have no choice if this doesn’t stop. i am not going to let negativity drag me down and i know that is what he is trying to do. he is taking out his personal problems on me with whichever is going on in his personal life. i have read stuff about a bad marriage and job problems which he has mentioned and i don’t want anything to do with a married man. i am waiting for a pure man of god to show up in my life for marriage and i will not have sex until marriage. i just hope that this man can find peace and forget about me and stop this unhealthy obsession. i am sorry if this report sounds a little crazy but i just don’t know where else to turn and not many people know about aliens or understand this stuff. i am also concerned that he may be stealing money from people. i believe that this man is in a lot of pain is so far into his anger that he just cannot see any other way out than to be angry. cause many people who are so angry have been thru trauma and hold onto so much anger but there is nothing that cant be fixed. there is a solution to every problem and i think he just really is needing help and i have offered to him that we can talk and i can help him thru therapy but due to the fact that he is hurting me, i cant help him. i will not help someone who hurts me and will not associate at all with them anymore, which is what is happening and his revenge i guess is to do these little things. i also had a doctor, but the doctor i remember her from my other deliveries upon the spacecraft and she was nice but i am just extrememly traumatized and fearful from my experience with the baby being delievered with no pain control and then a painful d and c procedure thingie i think is what it was it just really hurt me a lot so i am too traumatized to ever see a doctor again and due to all the mistreatment by the other doctors i no longer will see any doctors at all. my memory is fuzzy but i just know that he was yelling to not give me any pain medication during having the baby and when i woudlnt push anymore cause i was in so much pain they gave me a small amount of something but it was extremely inhumane. i’m not mad at the doctor and things were okay during the other deliveries she was very nice to me and helpful to me, but i am in so much fear that if i saw the doctor i am fearful that he may show up and do something to me. i just am too scared now of everything because he has made my life unbearable. i am just trying to get my life back and he is trying to prevent that. he keeps sending people to cough near me, little petty things that need to stop. the phone tapping is ridiculous and my friends phone is tapped too. my camera shuts on out of nowhere and everytime i talk to someone i can hear him in the background and i can hear him laughing, or sighing depending on whichever i saw and i hear clicking sounds, etc. i do not feel safe around him and just want him to stop doing these things because he isn’t keeping me safe doing these things he is just putting me in tons of danger every day. i just really hope that maybe you guys can get his family to speak to him and try to help him out. he probably needs rehab and to quit drinking cause that causes paranoid behavior like this. he also would need to quit gambling or quit whichever he is doing because it is hurting him and he is really not on the right path. it is so obvious how much he is trying to get money out of me and even sending people to ask me and my family for money. my friend also has been asked for money and we don’t even have money! this is pure greed and it has to stop. i just hope that he can get the treatment he needs because this is all so unhealthy. thank you so much for hearing me out. i just don’t want anyone to ever go thru the things that i have been put thru is just horrendous and i just really want him stopped. i am in fear every night going to bed

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