UFO Sighting in New Norway, Alberta on 2017-06-14 00:00:00 – Dark object with a bright tail of colour, consisting of bright blue, red and white. lit up sky like sheet lightning . very suddenly appeared beneath clouds, looked enormous, no sound which i waited for and seemed surprising, given size and trajectory.

I couldn’t sleep so i got up and was making muffins for the morning. my dog became a little agitated and asked to go out but within about 2 minutes she was frantically clawing to get back in. i drew back the curtain on the sliding glass deck door and was surprised by a flash of white light that lit up the sky similar to sheet lightning, followed directly by the bright colours (red, blue, white) trailing behind what looked something like a giant black football. my dog almost bowled me over to get back in the house. i fully expected an impact sound as it disappeared behind my tree line. it was huge, but there was no sound. i was completely overwhelmed to see something so spectacular and at such a random moment. i feel my dog was very instrumental tall in the entire event and i will never forget it. very curious if anyone else saw something in my area at that time although it was so sudden and just very lucky on my part to catch it.
thank you for your time.

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