UFO Sighting in Surrey, British Columbia on 2002-04-15 10:00:00 – Please see submission below for sighting details.

It was very interesting sighting and it has prompted me to share this sighting with you that i had in april 2002.

the sighting i had involved 2 round disc shaped objects in surrey bc. my location was the scott road skytrain station in surrey bc. i was waiting for a bus at the time. at around 10:00 am i observed 2 disc like objects hovering over a field east of my location. i was about 500 feet away separated by a busy roadway. a few seconds later they descended to the ground for about 10-15 seconds. they again appeared in my sight. then dropped again for 10-15 seconds. this happened about 3 times that i observed in total.

during this total 5 minute sighting i observed 3 to 4 black crows go after the objects. the crows immediately retreated to the nearby tree were they remained. it appeared crows may have been repelled somehow!

the objects hovered for a few more seconds. after that, one object headed east and the other object headed south. they traveled at a slow pace. i watched them until they went out of my sight. at that point i believe i saw something that may not be of our earth.

on my return one week later, i attempted to enter the property area were the objects dropped for those 10-15 seconds. unfortunately it was heavily fenced and i was not able to visit the location.

i am wondering if anyone may have contacted you regarding a sighting in this area ever. i noticed in the area a home depot resides and a number of houses.

i look forward to hearing from you. best regards,

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