UFO Sighting in Waynesville, Missouri on 2017-06-28 00:00:00 – Notice brown-orange light in the sky.

I was about to go to sleep at 12:18 am when i decided to look outside my window, then i noticed an object (brown-orange colored) in the sky. since my vision isn’t the best, i put my glasses on to see what it was. i thought it was a planet until it started to move around, and that’s when i knew it was a ufo.

i could not make out details since it was quite some distance, but at one point, it appeared to have lights on the sides and one on the top. the ufo hovered in that range of the sky, it didn’t move around too much. at one point, there were specks of white light that appeared and disappeared very quickly in the sky, some above and in the trees.

at 12:43 am, i noticed an airplane flying in the sky, and i could not see the ufo at that point. once the airplane was gone, the ufo appeared as a bright light for a second, then back to its normal color. by 12:48 am, the ufo was going beyond the trees and i couldn’t see it very well. at 12:53 am, i checked once more, but did not see the ufo. i decided to stop observing and go to sleep since it was getting late.

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