UFO Sighting in Ajax, Ontario on 2017-06-24 20:10:00 – Took a picture of the sunset and later noticed spherical cloud with lights inside

My husband and i were out for a walk on the ajax waterfront trail at 8:10 p.M. on saturday, june 24, 2017 when i noticed a faint rainbow in the distance and tried to photograph it. i pulled out my cell phone and took two photos. it was very bright out – the sun blinding, and i couldn’t really see my screen very well, so i just put it back in my purse without reviewing the pictures.

on monday, june 26th, i was flipping through my photos, and i finally looked at the photos in question. the rainbow was barely visible, but upon zooming in, i noticed a perfectly spherical cloud with what appeared to be lights inside it on the left hand side of the picture. i checked the second photo to find the same spherical cloud.

both photos were taken at the same time within seconds of each other, however, when you compare them, the sphere is lower in the first picture, and has 6 lights visible, and higher in the second picture with only 4 lights visible.

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