UFO Sighting in Charlotte, North Carolina on 2017-06-29 04:30:00 – Cloud appeared with what looked like a light shining through it. 4 objects appeared below in a diamond pattern twice then faded away

I was behind my townhouse on top of a berm walking my dog at 4:30 am. i had been up for almost 1 hour. as we were walking i noticed a brightening in the eastern sky that was fairly high up. there were no clouds in the sky and the stars were clearly visible. the temperature was about 65 degrees with no wind. venus was low in the sky and there was an airplane also in the area. this light was much higher up and to the left of venus. it continued to get brighter and larger and looked like a cloud or fog. it had a general round shape. as it got larger a smaller object in the lower right corner showed through. the only way to explain is it looked like a flashlight shining through the fog. it was all very large. much larger than a full moon. it was stationary and not moving in any direction. it stayed there for a few minutes and started to slowly fade. suddenly directly below this cloud 4 perfectly round yellowish objects appeared in a diamond pattern. they appeared all at once like someone put a stamp on a piece of paper. these stayed stationary for a minute or so and started to fade. then directly below them another complete set of exactly the same pattern appeared. this happened a third time as the second set started to fade. however, the third set seemed much smaller, like they were much further away. all of the objects in the diamond pattern looked like they had a halo around them. finally all the lights faded away, but the cloud like substance and halo around the objects took much longer and looked just like fog or smoke waiting to be blown away. it just hung in the air. i did not have my phone with me to take pictures. i believe it happened in a total of 5-7 minutes. it was a truly bizarre experience. i have no idea what it was that i saw. the airplane in the area must have been able to see the same thing i did and there is an interstate highway approximately 1/2 to 3/4 mile from where i was standing.

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