UFO Sighting in Otwock, Mazowieckie on 2013-06-01 23:10:00 – Orange disc / circle-thing

Five years ago i and my three friends were watching the movie on the wall of my house. after show we had laying on the blankets and talking. our team- no drugs, no mental disorders, etc.

during the conversation we were looking at the dark, night sky, and suddenly we saw real, the most stereotype ufo with orange colour around disc. everybody shouted up. some seconds of trying to understand what’s going on. then “omg you see this????” etc. shock.
ufo flew away. it was quite slow, after few second accelerated and disappeared behind neighbor house.

four witnesses. we even didn’t know if we should fear or be happy. everybody remember it in the same way till today. we don’t know if creatures / humanoids / something from another planets exist, or was it a military. that’s only what we saw.

in otwock (25 km from warsaw) some people claim they saw ufo, especially in my area. i also had seen some strange things on the sky, but never ever so… real.

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