UFO in the San Francisco Bay? | VIDEO

UFO in the San Francisco Bay

     When the rest of the world is setting off firecrackers high in the sky, 69-year-old Eric Staller hopes to be wowing the crowd on the San Francisco Bay, dazzling onlookers in his wacky Bubbleboat, a converted farm silo set on aluminum platoons festooned with 600 twinkling lights.
By Lisa Fernandez

“I always like to flash around Pier 39 and the Embarcadero,” Staller said in a recent interview. “I jfust like to see the looks on people’s faces, like ‘What is THAT?’’’

… Staller said he was paid $60,000 to create the fun piece, which he categorizes as one of his many “Urban UFO” projects. As part of the deal, he got to keep the Bubbleboat for the rest of his life.

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