Google Search: Focus On Five UFO Theses/Research Studies Written by U.S. Military Officers

The book, The UFO Cover-Up:  What the Government Won’t Say (previous title: Clear Intent) (Lawrence A. Fawcett and Barry J. Greenwood) gives an overview (on Google Books) of the following theses/research studies: “UFOs and Extraterrestrial Life,” Captain D. Stanley, 1968; “The UFO Problem: Time for a Reassesment,” Major J. King, 1968; “An Analysis of UFOs,” […]

Love Monarchs? Participate in the Monarch Monitoring Blitz This Week!

By Cora Lund Preston, Communication Specialist for Monarch Joint Venture The Monarch Monitoring Blitz has begun! Grab your hats, sunscreen and clipboards and join fellow citizen scientists for some fresh air and an international monarch monitoring blitz from July 29-August 5th! With enough reports, your information will provide a snapshot that helps scientists understand the range […]

Your Kitchen Sponge is Covered With Bacteria — Don’t Bother Cleaning It

If bacteria all glowed the way some bioluminescent species do, you’d probably go blind walking into your kitchen. An abundance of organic material and damp surfaces allows microbial life to flourish around spaces where food is prepared, but one particular item shines brightest in the bacterial firmament. It’s the kitchen sponge, that workhorse of culinary […]

Can PhD Students Write Review Papers?

In a post earlier this month, I discussed a new Journal of Neuroscience paper on statistical power in neuroscience. That paper was a response to and reanalysis of a previous article, and in my post I noted my surprise that the new paper hadn’t appeared in Nature Reviews: Neuroscience (NRN), where the original paper had […]

UFOs Visited Nuclear Missile Sites & Bomber Bases According to The Defense Department

     During two weeks in 1975, a string of the nation’s supersensitive nuclear missile launch sites and bomber bases were visited by unidentified, low-flying and elusive objects, according to Defense Department reports. The sightings, made visually and on radar by air and ground crews By Ward Sinclair and Art HarrisThe Washington Post1-19-1979 and sabotage-alert […]

Unseen Realm Amazon Kindle Problem Fixed

I just got word that a new file has been uploaded and accepted by Amazon. The verse reference problem should now be fixed. If you want Unseen Realm for Kindle, it’s now available again.

Solar Blast Illuminates Unidentified Flying Objects Near the Sun

There is always much debate about the nature of the mysterious cube-shaped objects near the sun often spotted in NASA’s satellite images. While some people say these objects are image processing errors, others believe such a cube-shaped object is in fact NASA’s way of hiding unidentified flying objects of extraterrestrial origin. Since it seems impossible […]