Black Triangle Sighting in Peterborough, England on 1997-09-15 00:00:00 – Triangle ufo approx. 40 feet above me motionless for five minutes approx.

It was approx. 7:00pm on a wednesday in peterborough, united kingdom, my home for almost 21 years. i was on walking past axiom avenue, a residential area of the city, when i heard the sound of a very low and
loud aircraft. i assumed it was an airplane and that belief remained as i watched the aircraft approx. 3 foot above a two-storey house, which was hidden from my view because of the shape of the roof. i guess i watched
it for approx. 15 seconds, worried how close it was to the house and street. i would have expected an airplane to fly pass and not remain in the same area but i wasn’t thinking about that. i was worried about it being so close.

suddenly, the aircraft flew to the right and it became clear within a few seconds that i was seeing no airplane. it was a triangular ufo. it tilted up as it flew to the right and then it stopped in mid-air. it was approx. 6 foot above the 3-storey flat on the right. it covered a large area of the street. i must have watched it in mid-air and motionless for approx. 5 minutes. the only time the ufo made any sound was when i believed it to be an airplane. the ufo had a white light in each corner and they were very much like spotlights, and in the middle there was a large red circle. despite what i was seeing i wasn’t scared. during my close encounter i didn’t see or hear any traffic, which is surprising considering there are busy roads close to the street. suddenly, the ufo hovered up, again no sound was made and it flew into the sky at a speed, which didn’t seem possible and there was no shock wave as far as i could tell. a few seconds afterwards a van drove past, they missed the ufo by just a few seconds. i don’t believe i lost any track of time and i haven’t had any dreams or nightmares about being abducted by aliens.

i didn’t come public with my close encounter until recently and for reasons i can’t explain i never researched the ufo until last year. i was watching a documentary on television about the triangular ufo’s and since then i have been doing research about them ever since. the x files’ finale episode concluded with the ufo above mulder and scully, leading me to think about my experience even more.

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