UFO Sighting in Wichita Falls, Texas on 2017-06-28 22:10:00 – Set of lights stationary then seemed to move very unbelievably fast in a square pattern as if in a quadminted direction . then immediately to approx the same angle as lights their is a airbase which became suddenly black with air raid sirens blasting .

Went outside to let dogs out at above time listed.
immediately saw patterned lights moving in a structured quartered square seeming to become
out of frequency. immediately noticed change of light at safb (sheddard air force base).As i quickly moved eyes to airbase to see it go black with the air raid sirens screaming. looked at unknown object as it immediately flicked off like a light switch and was gone. the black out remained but the sirens stopped after a few seconds before. i stared in the direction of departure for an unknown amount of time. due to the blackout and air raid sirens i saw and heard, for me at least, concretely verified that what i had seen was an actual event and not just unknown lights in the night sky, i know this object was real. real. real real .

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