UFO Sighting in Clinton, Utah on 2017-07-01 19:42:00 – Noticed black dot in sky to the north east of house. grabbed binoculars to view object.

I was sitting on the back porch, relaxing after having dinner. as i normally take my binoculars with me to watch the aircraft fly over the house, i noticed a black spot to the north over the roy utah area, drifting in a southerly direction, i picked up my binoculars and sighted what i thought was a large bunch of balloons. i continued watching, but decided what i was seeing was not balloons, but a solid object. it was rotating in a counter-clockwise direction and maintaining a constant altitude. i noticed there was a silver attachment that appeared to move in and out. where this flap or port was, there where two panels that looked hot, or that had been hot, by the color.

the object appeared black in color, except for the port which was silver, and the two panels on either side and below it. it had four identical arms around it that were parallel to the ground, and a single arm of equal size in the center above and below its four arms perpendicular to the ground.

as the object came closer, i grabbed my phone thinking i could get a video of it. as i turned on the video the object disappeared from view. i ran the video for 3 minutes then turned it off as the object was not in sight. up to this point i had been watching the object for about 15 minutes. i sat back in my chair and noticed it again about 300 yards to the right of where i seen it last and again tried to video it, but it blinked out as my camera came on and i did not see it anymore after that.

i decided to make a sketch of what i had seen so i am attaching that as well. the object appeared to be about 30 ft across.

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