UFO Sighting in Natrona Heights, Pennsylvania on 2017-07-01 20:47:00 – Object appeared to be two egg-shaped objects tethered together, one above the other

On 1 july 2017 at approximately 2045, i was standing alone in my driveway smoking a cigarette when i noticed one of my neighbors was flying his small drone/rc aircraft around the neighborhood. i was watching the drone fly over another neighbors house when i noticed a second object appeared from behind the house.

my initial impression was this object was oddly shaped, being much taller (vertical plane) and much shorter (horizontal plane) in it’s silouette than any aircraft i am familiar with. from it’s silouette, i concluded it was likely a large bird flying at a very steep bank over the woods near the neighborhood. i then returned my attention to the drone now flying near my house.

after a few seconds, the drone disappeared from my view and i glanced back at the other object. i noticed despite it appearing to be in a steep bank, it seemed to be flying straight and level. at this point i determined this was not a bird as i previously assumed, and noticed the object appeared to be two similarly shaped objects tethered or connected together, one on top of the other.

the object looked rounded or egg shaped, with a second rounded/egg shaped object immediately below it. between the two egg sections was a solid structure appearing to connect the two together. i could not determine whether this was a single object or two objects, but i distinctly remember the solid structure linking the two rounded sections together. the object was dark in appearance, perhaps dull black or another very dark color.

at this point i became very interested in the object and i wanted to get a closer look. i started filming the object with my cell phone at maximum zoom (x8). i also (accidentally) took a still photo with my phone prior to taking the video. i will attached both of these files to this report

i filmed the object for almost two minutes as it traveled at a moderate rate of speed from west to east. the sun was very low on the horizon at this time, and i noted that there was no visible glint or reflection of the sunlight from the object.

a few moments after i stopped filming, a small single engine airplane flew over the house traveling south. this aircraft had all of it’s navigation and anti-collision lights on and i immediately realized i did not see any sign of such lighting on the object i filmed. there was no noise heard from the object nor any other emissions observed. i could not see any normal aircraft parts on the object (no rotor blades, propellers, wings, stabilizers, etc).

the two most likely explanations i can come up with are: 1) a helicopter with a large load slung underneath or 2) two aircraft in an air-to-air refueling operation. there are some merits to each explaination, but there are several problems with each as well. the apparent “structure” connecting the two sections was much more solid and thicker than any sling load or refueling probe i’ve ever seen. this structure was very distinct. plus the apparent lack of lighting and/or wings, rotors, etc.

in short, i have no idea what i saw. but it was unusual enough in appearance that i decided to take a video of it.

happy to answer any follow up questions that may arise.

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