Black Triangle Sighting in Kansas City, Missouri on 2017-06-20 04:22:00 – Triangular lights spotted over downtown kansas city

i live in kansas city, and while i was with a few of my friends at this spot that over looks the city i took a picture on snapchat. i swiped right a couple of times to find the right filter, posted it and kind of forgot about it. that is until i looked at the picture again in the morning and noticed something i hadn’t seen before. in the middle left just above the city you can see 3 faint lights in the shape of a triangle that i am 100% positive were not stars or a plane or anything like that because we didn’t even see the lights with our naked eyes. there is proof its not just a filter or smudge or anything because you can see a plane in the upper right corner of the picture. i decided to put the picture through a few other filters on an application on my desktop and could make out a kind of rim that was connecting the lights. although i’m not very proficient at photo editing. what do you think? i’m pretty spooked myself maybe someone who is more photographically proficient could give it a crack and see if they can find something more. i have attached the night picture that the object can be seen in, as well as a daytime picture of the spot we were during the event.

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