UFO Sighting in Redwood Falls, Minnesota on 2017-07-01 22:30:00 – Three ufos on the same flight path with 6 witnesses

We were undertaking a paranormal investigation in the cemetery at redwood falls. there were six of us including two government workers, a doctor, an author and historian, and a journalist. at 10:30pm our compass suddenly went mad and started malfunctioning as did our gps device. our emf meters suddenly spiked into a reading of 25 milligaus. the radio scanner i was using (ghost box) started pulsing with a sound i had never heard before. all of this equipment was functioning perfectly before contact and after contact. it was a clear night with no cloud cover and the moon was behind us. temperature was in the low 60s. then we all witnessed a yellow large fireball slowly moving across the sky. it was bright yellow and emitted a bright flame like light. it sped up, slowed down, hovered, dropped altitude and then continued its path until out of sight. five minutes later a second ufo appeared. this one was more of a red and orange hue. it copied the exact flight pattern of the first ufo, the same movements like a mirror image. it was in the sky for the same time as the first one. then exactly at the same interval between the first two sightings a third ufo appeared with a yellow flame like the first one. it followed the exact same erratic flight path as the first two and was in the air for the same time. we have all of this recorded on our video recorder. we have the footage of all of the equipment malfunctions and readings (compass/gps/radio receiver/emf meters) plus the three ufos all unedited in one long clip. it was taken with a nightvision video camera. as well as our audio dvr recorders.

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