UFO Sighting in Maine on 2016-11-15 00:00:00 – Watched silent bright glowing light approaching, as light got directly overhead i raise my rifle scope onto the object to see a boomerang shaped with squared wing tips, the light was so bright i could not see anything but a bright white glowing surface.

November 2016… i was heading off deer hunting, i parked my truck along a paved roadway and started towards a logged off area. it was about 1 hour before daylight and i was planning on getting to a tree stand which was located about 400 yards away. as i got to the edge of the logged off area, just off the roadway, i noticed a very bright light similar to a landing light on a commercial plane heading in my direction. as it got closer i noticed there was no noise or flashing navigation lights and stopped to watch. as this brilliantly lit object was over my head at under 1000 feet, i raised my rifle to see through my scope. what i saw was a very brilliantly lit boomerang shaped object with squared wing tips. at no time did i ever see any flashing colored lights as required for aircraft, only the completely brilliantly alive lit boomerang with square wing tips in absolute silence. i stood there in awe unable to comprehend what this craft was. i watched this craft slowly without changing direction or speed continue on its path in an easterly direction. the only reason i am reporting this is because i recently watched a program on tv were the same craft i witnessed was shown! the one thing that will always stick with me is the light that came from the craft… the only way i can describe it , it appeared brilliant and alive, if that makes any sense!

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