UFO Sighting in Marion, Iowa on 2017-07-03 09:39:00 – 4th of 4 consec. sightings, w/video. while watching fireworks to the west, at end of street, bright reddish-orange glowing orb just appeared next to the fireworks. hovered for 1min. 5 sec. size of moon, then slowly shrank until was invisible.

july 3, 2017 at 9:39pm.
4th of 4 consecutive sightings, with in approximately 20 minutes.
(i’m reporting them separately)

i was at a pre-4th of july party. we were at the end of the driveway in a residential neighborhood, in addition to watching fireworks going off, we were watching the sky because we had just seen three unusual unidentified orbs, two stationary orbs in about the same spot to the west, at the end of the street. and one orb to the south that was moving east to west.

they all were identical except for size, the moving one was smaller,

then out of no where, in about the same spot as two previous stationary orbs, another identical large reddish-orange very bright glowing orb just appeared in sky. again, just to the left/south of where the fireworks were going off. there was no streak of light like would trail behind a firework. it just appeared. it was slightly hazy around the edges, as if the atmosphere was being disturbed around it. it hovered for almost 1 minute and 5 seconds. just like the two stationary orbs seen before, the orb was large at first. about the same size as the moon that night, then slowly got smaller until it was invisible. another odd thing about it, as far as i could tell, base on the position of clouds and smoke in the air from fireworks, it didn’t appear to be moving away, it just got smaller until it was gone. i have never seen anything in the sky that i didn’t think could be explained, i would love to know more about what i’ve seen. i also would like to know if anyone else reported seeing it. there were other people out watching at the same time obviously. there were even neighbors a couple houses down out watching at the same time. i was to embarrassed to go ask them what they thought about it.

i apologize for the bad language in the video.

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