UFO Sighting in Chicago, Illinois on 2017-07-04 21:33:00 – Witnessed a large glowing red orb over downtown chicago that hovered then descended down behind building kings

I was watching the 4th of july fireworks from the balcony of my condo when my girlfriend and i noticed a large red glowing orb that was high in the sky over the downtown loop area of chicago. this was nowhere near the fireworks that were over lake michigan to the east, this was by itself in the sky over the downtown area where all the skyscrapers are. fireworks are not allowed anywhere in that area which is why this glowing orb caught our attention immediately. it appeared high in the sky out of no where and hovered and then descended down behind the buildings. by the time i got my camera out, i only was able to catch the last 35 seconds, but i witnessed the orb for roughly 2 min total. my balcony is approximately 4-5 miles from downtown so when you zoom in on the video and look at its size of the orb relative to the buildings you can tell this is a pretty large object. i see planes fly over on a daily basis and this was not a plane either. based on its size, its glowing nature, and its location and behavior in the sky, i just can’t explain what it is that i saw. both of who saw it, were quite startled and knew this wasn’t normal.

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