UFO News Article: “Militar da reserva diz ter visto OVNI em rodovia no Pantanal” (“Military reservist says he has seen UFO on highway in the Pantanal”)

17 July 2011
(Correio do Estado, Campo Grande, Brazil)
Brazilian military reservist Waldir Padilha (the driver) and 15 other people driving in a van encountered a UFO at kilometer 584 of BR-262 (30 kilometresaway from Miranda) on 25 March 2011, at 2:45 a.m.

The van lost speed a short time before the UFO was sighted, according to Padilha.
The large, oval shaped object slowly crossed the highway (flying south to north).
The UFO emitted a loud buzzing sound.

Miranda, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil(tageo.com)
(tageo.com photo)

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