UFO Sighting in Kissimmee, Florida on 2013-03-16 17:45:00 – Alien climbing to invisible spaceship

I know this is going to sound crazy but it is the truth. when i first moved into this house in march 2013 i had just come home from work and went out back i noticed something very odd by the edge of the woods it was an area about 30 ft off the ground and it was shimmering kind of like looking at water in the air. i sat here thinking what is that? i thought at first it was a weather phenomenon. it was approximately 8 feet in length and 6 ft wide. eventually about 10 mins later it moved forward then to my left and centered itself between a crape myrtle tree and the woods. now i’m very concerned as to what it is. within 5 minutes an et appears on the ground in front of the crape myrtle tree, he’s just there all of a sudden he was almost invisible at first like a hologram but became more solid the longer he was climbing to what had to be the ship, i believe he was not suppose to be seen but possible equipment failure. i did not see him walk to the tree or from anywhere.

he grabs what must have been a rope as that is the actions of his hands pulling himself up but he also was climbing what i believe were steps using his feet and legs. neither was visible. only his physical actions of climbing up. he was sideways to me but saw me and would look behind him constantly then look at me occasionally. i could not see a spaceship but it had to be there. as he entered the shimmering passageway he had to turn his back to me and change the way he was climbing more like rock climbing at this point. each hand was out to the side and above his head with his legs finding each object to climb as well. once he reached the top of the passageway he too disappeared.

he had a human type body, very strong, very muscled, approx 6’3 to 6’5. but his head was not human at all. he had large bulging eyes which is why i checked robotic as i do not see how he could possibly close his eyes they stuck out so far from the sockets, very white eyes with black pupils, he had nostrils, very strong jaw bones, i do not remember seeing ears, skin was like an alligator but off white, he looked like he had on some type of armor jumpsuit but not metal. he was not friendly and i was terrified to move or do anything that would provoke an attack he was at most 50 feet away. i will never forget what i saw ever. the photos attached are of something in the woods that i believe is them taken before a hurricane last year.

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