UFO Sighting in West Warwick, Rhode Island on 2017-07-03 21:45:00 – Witnessed object from behind trees. object appeared in open sky and i and one other witness saw the object crass the sky below the clouds. it was a fiery orange in color and traveling at about 75 mph.

While watching fireworks in my neighborhood with my friend we noticed a bright light through some distant trees. thinking, at first, it was the iss. but as it came into the open we realized it was too big for the iss. what is that i said to my friend. he thought it was a drone. i disagreed as it continued on a very straight path. it was perfectly round and orange in color. i noticed the surface of the orb seemed to appear to be covered with small flames or something like flames. i ran up to my apartment to get a very powerful tactical flashlight. if it was a drone i wanted to attract its attention via its digital camera. when i directed the beam at the orb, which was now directly in front of me, i got no response. i tried flashing the light-no response. by now it seemed to be slightly climbing. the clouds that night were scattered and quite low. the orb remained below the clouds at all times. its flight speed never changed nor did it’s color as it flew out of sight. about half an hour later it reappeared two or three miles away toward the east. i observed it again, with my friend, until it was out of sight. i stayed out for another hour or so but never saw it again. the next day my neighbors told me that they saw it too. i had also observed pulsating lights on two sides but they seemed the same color as the orb itself. there was no persevered sound, no jet trail, no engine noise, just silence.

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