Mars image reveals triangle, saucer and spherical anomalies

An anomaly hunter who is studying images of the planet Mars via Google Earth is convinced that he has found an ancient artificial object that looks like a dome or a sphere.

British researcher Joe White points to an intriguing dome or spherical object sphere located inside a crater.

Although Mr. White claims that the structure seems to be artificial, he is aware that similar statements in the past have been proven to be false when higher resolution images of the object revealed that the so-called dome or sphere is nothing but a sand dune.

Mr. White and ufovni2012 who uploaded a video of the unnatural looking “Sand Dune” did not mention two other strange objects next to the crater in the shape of a triangle and a saucer.

Here too, after specialists are going to view higher resolution images, without a doubt they will show that the triangular and saucer-like objects are “Sand Dunes” too or at least “Rock Formations.”

It is interesting to note that this area where these potential ancient structures and UFO-like objects have been found is near Mawrth Vallis which will be the possible landing zone for the ExoMars 2020 mission.

Mawrth Vallis is smack in the middle of a region that has always been mysterious to scientists.

This region is the boundary between the southern highlands and northern lowlands of Mars and Mawrth Vallis itself is an ancient channel carved by catastrophic floods.

Now, the Mars Science Laboratory science team would use the rover to piece together the history of Mawrth Vallis which means “Mawrth” is the Welsh word for Mars and “Vallis” is Latin for valley.

You can check the anomalies by yourself, here are the coordinates: Google Mars: 23°44’49.88″N 18°55’38.41″W


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