UFO Sighting in Bandera, Texas on 2017-07-08 23:02:00 – Simply a flash of light- the sounds are what was significant

On saturday evening i noticed the moon was quite brilliant. i grabbed my cell phone and took a video. when i played the video back i heard the strangest sounds, i listened to it several times and the sounds were still there. i decided to take another video to check if it were perhaps an issue with the phone, the sounds were not heard on the 3 subsequent videos. on these videos i was asking questions such as “who are you”, “why are you here” ,”you need to leave” , when i listened to the videos, all of my questions had been erased and replaced with other sounds, the only question that remained was “who are you” …I sent these over to two friends who are much more knowledgeable than me on such issues, neither of them heard anything, just saw the moon and the light that popped up below, i sent them several times,how could they not hear the audio, it made no sense, then, suddenly each replayed the video and heard all the sounds i was speaking of….. both said they heard a low guttural voice on the third video. i’m not the type to fear things, i live alone, out in the texas hill country, but, on this night, i became nothing less than terrified. i felt i was not alone, i locked myself in the bedroom with my dogs, drew all the drapes and literally hid under the blankets like a frightened child. when morning finally came, i was sitting on my back deck and noticed an odd indentation on my leg. it was about an inch across, the outer edges were deep and inside those edges there were little dots and in the very middle was another , more solid indentation. there is no way, there was anything in my bed that could have made such deep indentations on my skin. i would liken it to wearing a pair of jeans that are too tight and the button leaves a visible mark. then, i noticed 2 fresh bruises, one on each leg. i took photos of all three. later in the day, i took a look at where the indentation had been and it was gone as were the bruises…I also felt quite a bit of soreness in the leg where i had the indentation. i’m sharing all this from memory, because, quite honestly, to listen to the videos once again or spend time looking at the photos, is a bit uncomfortable.

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