UFO Sighting in Gatineau, Quebec on 2017-05-12 17:00:00 – Dark square then bell like object seen hanging from cloud.

On may 16,2017 was looking out my window at the river and dark clouds. all if a sudden one if the clouds hanging over the river between ontario and quebec seemed to have what appeared to be a darker square like cloud under it but seemed attached. i took out my binoculars and sure enough it looked like a small dark square made of something solid bout cloud was over it. i put down the camera for a minute and when i picked it back up the sun was shining on one side of the square and it reflected as if metal. it was definitely a cube then. the sun went in and when i looked again the object seemed to have split and then later seemed to ‘ve one again and wasn’t as square ad before. actually after i took the 3 photos of it and enlarged the last picture, tjis goinh to sound odd butmtge shape reminded me if the nazi die glock..The bell that some say could time travel. it was the same shape of that bell. all the time it hung there it didn’t go anywhere..Just stayed over the river and seemed to change shape by absorbing another object or just shape shifting. i don’t know if it went back up into the dark cloud or disintegrate but my guess is the former. i have had 7 other sightings of different ufis in this same area and wondered about this area being a portal. i live in the capital too though so government experimental craft can’t be excluded either. if you don’t get my 3 photos of the event let me know and i can send them another way.

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