UFO Sighting in London, England on 2017-07-06 23:35:00 – Large ufo craft with very white light at each end, that glided slowly

I went outside, and stepped onto the pavement, facing my building, and was looking up at the night sky, when i noticed something in the corner of my eye, so i turned around to face north, i then saw a bright white light gliding over the houses. i took a few step to look at it better(which now had me standing at the end of my building), all of a sudden, i had this feeling, that told me to turn around, when i did, i saw another bright light towards the end of my building, i then turned and started watching this light.

because i am now use to ufos turning up over me and my building, i just thought, here we go again.

i started to feel scared, which i normally don’t, because they don’t normally bother me, they just turn up, stop or slow down, look and then go, but this time something felt different.

this light started getting bigger and bigger and my head was telling me to move, move, i ran back to the entrance to my building, i was shaking and crying. i then went inside my house to calm myself down.

about an hour later, i went back outside, and at 12.55am, i saw another ufo(the reason, i notice the ufos, is because, someone is using some type of laser to shot at them, and i often see the laser first, then the ufo, it may sound crazy, but this is happening over london) and again, the light blew up in front of me, i screamed and then ran back to my entrance to my building.
when i looked at the time on my phone, it was nearly 3am, which freaked me out, because i know i was not outside for that long.
the next morning, i had a strange feeling headache(which lasted two days) and a nose bleed, which i never ever get.
the inside of my nose is sore,and has scabbed over.

i don’t know what these things are,or why they keep bothering me,which has been happening for 7 years now. i just want someone to come and see what happens, every time i go outside on a clear night. its so bad, that i can’t walk to the end of my rd, anymore after a certain time, i cant even cross the rd, because in the past i have been chased by these lights. i need some help with this issue. they have even turned up, when i’ve gone to my daughter house, how do they know,when i’m outside or at my daughters home? i have had ufos turn up seconds, after i have gone outside, how is this happening? i have witnesses, that you can interview, who will tell you, that i’m telling the truth. i have pictures, going back years of ufos over me and my building, i have videos. all i want to do is stargaze, without something coming along and frightening all the time, i just want to enjoy the night sky, without, seeing a laser fly over my head. i just want us to stop shooting at these crafts, mankind does not have to destroy everything it sees.

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