UFO Sighting in Medfield, Massachusetts on 2016-10-17 20:00:00 – Me and my son’s sky watch and on 2 occasions a week apart we witnessed unexplained craft. in that week there was also report in local news. we taken pictures of what we saw just want to know what it was.

On trying to find the pics i taken the pics are there however black i don’t understand i have shown people my pics. my son thankfully still has his if anyone would like to see them give me a call. we see things in the sky a lot but these 2 objects are hard to dismiss. they are not plains or balloons or flairs etc. also when me and my son’s saw one of the craft few days later in the local news paper a lady in town reports a craft she can’t explain. we saw it also from the farm road she stays not far from there. we see things a lot in the sky but there is something more to this. i would appreciate any further information you may have about this. i am not sure on dates i will check when i check my son’s pics hopefully i will find my ones i put them on facebook as well so hopefully i will get exactly when it happened. i would have reported sooner but new to this just found out i can report it hopefully you can shine light on this.Also happened in scotland not dublin ref time zone.

regards david

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