Black Triangle Sighting in Caldwell, Idaho on 2017-07-11 02:30:00 – Recording cloud-ships developed into its drones follow and approach me daily

I’ve been recording the cloud ships that you tubers are posting about for several months here in caldwell, idaho. what i’m providing pics of are worldwide and some on your site and mufon. the clouded drones, believed to be remotely controlled by small v like ships-often can be seen in the cloud sideways or backwards.
they have approached my surveillance position in the past, but now they follow me, cloak and uncloak (see pics) and approach my home upon exit. now they employed (4 occasions) a regular police looking drone, which flies lighted, lights off, stationary and mobile surveillance, dangerously low on freeway, perpendicular to freeway, parks on on-ramp ,flies near aircraft possibly in blind spot (7-10-17, nampa-not likely any gps on this drone).
the clouded drones fly over residential, industrial, commercial areas daily, and a school by me, often at an increased speed downward which is intimidating.
the last 2 nights have been horrifying, as they use numerous (6-10) small to large black a-12 or sr like ships, plus the real drone, and now lights or stars to intimidate me via proximity approach. there are indications of personal communications being monitored. i have many pics over the months, but poor ones form 7-11. i know i’m not the only one being targeted possibly due to our surveillance,corroborating of them.
imo they are getting bolder by the day!

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