UFO Sighting in Gosport, Indiana on 2017-07-02 22:02:00 – Large, bright, all red starlike object observed about 200 feet above tree tops crossing field then shot upwards.

I went outside at 10 pm to walk dog. a large red light became apparent maybe 200 foot over the distant trees in the field next to the yard about a minute afterward. at first i thought it was a very low flying plane, but its very, very bright red light was fairly large and didn’t change. if anything it got brighter the closer it got. it did not emit any noise/sound. it never blinked, faded, pulsated or changed color. the red light was so bright it cast a star like appearance floating across the field. my husband came out just about two minutes after i did and i asked him what that was and he was just as baffled at it as i was. we watched it for a few minutes. it moved very slowly, so slow it may have been hovering, but in a straight line sw to ne and looking like it was coming towards us we got a little frightened because it was just so abnormal and we could not figure out what it might be coming towards us. i asked my husband if he had his phone to take a picture and he didn’t. i turned and ran back into the house for my phone. i ran in and right back out (less than 10 seconds) and didn’t see it. he said it had turned slightly and abruptly ascended out of sight. we stayed outside for about 15 more minutes and didn’t see anything else.

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