UFO Sighting in AYDIN, Aydın on 2017-03-04 06:40:00 – All started to happen between 04.03.2017 – 21.03.2017 in this period ý have seen 5 times

First of all sorry about my english if there is gramatical false please try to understand me ok.
all story started 04.03.2017 6.38am

ý woke up for feed my cats that night they made lots of noise still ý have no idea ýt was weird ý was unusual. ý check time on tv’s receiver 06.38 am
ý just wanted to give them little bit food cause ý feel tried and ý just wanted to continue my sleep.And ý did. suddenly ý found my self looking out the window. still ý have no idea why ý woke up but that time ý saw something out of the window. how can ý explaine ýt was a light of ball plasma moved so fast and than it moved like feather in the air so smooth and my phone just next me ý took video and photos of it ý was lucky. 06.56 am

and than ý decide to write all story to piece of paper and ý did.
nezt day ý checked the videos and photos it was unbelievable.Ý share my story aroud me and olso ý send picture and videos to siriusufo.Com (turkish ufo institute ) ý coudn’t get answer.

after that next day 05.03.2017 ý decided to watch sky again but nothing happen.

but day after show started completely same minutes aprox. ý stared to record everything god bless my smart phone record all date and time there are exactly time and date

06.03.2017 my fiance decide to watch sky and she has been witness that nigh aswell

04.03.2017 06:56 am –
06.03.2017 06:47 am –
19.03.2017 06:46 am –
21.03.2017 06:36 am –
23.03.2017 06:28 am –

ý have got lots of video and photos if somebody interest please do not hesitate to contact me

ý wont give my cell phone number if needs ý can but ý dont know the situation bset regards from turkey


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