UFO Sighting in Mount Pleasant, Pennsylvania on 2015-07-10 18:10:00 – Appeard out of nowhere hovered made sharp turn disappeared

My boyfriend and i was outside making dinner it was about 6 630 we were saying how pretty the sky looked. about 10 minutes later a light appeared out of nowhere it hovered under the clouds about 40-45 minutes madea sharp turn then disappeared. the same exact thing happened the next2 nights it happened 3 to 4 times a week for about3 weeks. we had 2 friends over one of the nights and i downloaded sky maps and it wasnt showing on it after they both left to go home they said they couldn’t see it in the sky like it was a star or planet and we were still looking at it as we were on the phone with them my times could be wrong because it was 2 years ago when we seen it. it appeared about dusk time into dark just a little bit watched it leave and disappear. my boyfriend at the time and his parents told me the story of when the ufo crashed on the farm it was his uncle. he never went back to the farm after that night. we seen it 3 to 4 nights for about 3 weeks. it was beginning to mid july. before the ufo kecksburg festival they have every year. i was watching a ufo show the other night and thought what if its still coming every year about this time and seen u have a team somewhere close to here. i lived right beside mammoth park. the ufo looked to be about 2 to 3 miles away. ive been thinking about going to that area to see if i can see it. i hope this helps. i did have pictures and videos of it and showed some friends it but i lost the phone since then which upsets me still. q

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