UFO Sighting in Clearlake, California on 2015-03-15 16:30:00 – I seen a cigar shapped object hovering over my town

It was march 15 2005 4:30 pm give or take a few minutes i was working on my car putting in new water pump and i heard a voice call my name i looked up after the second time i looked up frustrated and there it was a long not white not silver not any color iv ever seen before it was hovering in one spot it turned slowly but fast it moved forwards then backwards it was trying to catch a close clouds it moved faster than a balloon ad it was the size of a 747 with no wings no tail no motor no sounds it took off like a still frame old movie like there one second gone then appeared further down the sky you seen it skipping in n out of sight till it was gone like a tracer fast it even pulled the clue its direction but only like 45 seconds after it went past it and it did this right after a storm the hole time i was a scared frantic chicken my wife would not get up do to her mad at me my phone my camera all ether had no battery or no card space but it made me hide under my trailer

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